Welcome to the 'Article Gallery' page. Here you will find captivating stories about models girls livivng in London. On this page you uncover all the truth of the profession of a model - all the advantages of it and unspoken drawbacks, here you will learn a lot of things about the world of fashion and its kings and queens.

Nowadays model girls are not only the sparking girls we are used to see on the runway, or in the fashion magazines. Model ladies are also companions rendering services to gentlemen in the sphere of entertainment. These girls should know all the secrets of communication with men, flirting tricks, they should be well-educated and smart to be fit into different societies. 

Here are the life stories of London models told by themselves. Enjoy reading these true 'lives' of beautiful female companions and who knows maaybe one day you will become one of them.

Sweet Reminiscences of a Model Girl

It was one of those shiny days in spring when the weather breathes life into everything that actually needs it. The pavements of New York City washed by the tears of the sky were glittering in the sun reflecting obscure figures of pedestrians running, walking, wondering about the streets...

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Time To Love... Time To Choose Your Love...

Every man can have a bright and happy life full of emotions and feelings. What makes their living even more perfect? There is no need to think a lot to answer this question – the services of London females. Sociologists of the UK inform: almost all married males use companionship services.

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